Arena Plus: Duncan Robinson's Shooting

Duncan Robinson has developed a reputation as one of the premier sharpshooters in the NBA. His journey from an undrafted player to a critical component of the Miami Heat's offensive strategy is both inspiring and instructive.

The Mechanics of His Shot

  • Release Speed: Duncan Robinson expertly releases his shot in under 0.6 seconds. This rapid execution creates significant difficulties for defenders attempting to contest his shots.
  • Footwork: His precise footwork enables him to rapidly set his feet and attain perfect balance. Whether he’s in motion or coming off a screen, his stability is impeccable.
  • Arc and Range: Robinson’s shots follow a high arc, increasing their likelihood to bypass defenders and find the net. He is comfortable shooting from distances well beyond the three-point line, further stretching the defense.

In the 2020-2021 season, Robinson shot 40.8% from the three-point line, while attempting an average of 8.5 three-point shots per game. His consistency makes him a pivotal player in Miami’s offensive lineup.

The Role in Team Dynamics

  • Spacing: Robinson’s shooting ability forces opposing defenses to extend, which opens up driving lanes for teammates like Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo.
  • Off-Ball Movement: Constantly in motion, Robinson weaves through defenses, expertly utilizing screens to create separation and open looks.
  • Playmaking: Although primarily known for his shooting, his high basketball IQ enables him to make smart passes, assisting in creating scoring opportunities for his teammates.

During the 2021 NBA playoffs, Robinson's ability to stretch the floor proved pivotal. He averaged 10.7 points per game, with a significant portion coming from his three-point prowess. His presence on the court significantly alters defensive schemes as opponents need to account for his quick-release and deep range.

Adapting to Defensive Pressure

  • Counter Moves: When defenders close out on him aggressively, Robinson has developed efficient counter moves like the side-step or step-back three-pointer.
  • Screen Usage: Utilizing off-ball screens effectively, he creates just enough space to launch a quick shot before defenders can recover.
  • Off-Ball Positioning: His understanding of spacing allows him to find gaps in defenses, ensuring he remains a constant threat from beyond the arc.

In the face of suffocating defenses, Robinson’s scoring efficiency remains impressive. He posted a true shooting percentage of 59.7% during the 2020-2021 campaign. His relentless pursuit of improvement continues to elevate his game each season.

Arena Plus provides a more in-depth analysis of such remarkable talents and their strategies on the court. Duncan Robinson's shooting is a masterclass in precision and consistency, continually evolving to meet the demands of the modern NBA.

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