How to Backup Your Chats with FM Mods?

To make sure you never lose your personal conversations or chats when using FM Mods - backing up your chats is a no brainer. Check out the detailed step-by-step guide to ensure that your chats are all properly backed up using these famous modifications.

Open Backup Section

Open the FM Mod application and you will see a settings with three dots top of at right side, Just Click On that. This is usually shown as a gear on the top-right corner of the main app screen. In setting search for Chats Under this, you would see a bunch of alternatives with respect to messaging; have a click on Chat Backup.

Edit Backup Settings

Once there, you can how often you would like your messages to be saved in the backup settings. Frequency of options can go as low as daily to the maximum of weekly or even monthly backups. Worse, weekly backups are quite the minimum that is expected in an effort to prevent with minimal loss of source data. You can also choose to backup videos that will require more space on your account.

Select a Destination for the Backup

With FM Mods, you are able to choose either local storage or even a cloud based service like Google Drive for your backups. The data will be safe even if your device gets lost or damaged. If asked, enter your Cloud service credentials and allow the FM Mod to be granted permission to access your storage.

Initiate the Backup

When your settings have been set to your satisfaction, press the 'Backup' button. The app will now start backing up your chats on the selected folder. The time this process will take will depend on how large your chat history is and whether you have a fast internet connection. Standard broadband may also backup of 500MB and take around 20 to 30 minutes.

Verify the Backup

When the backup is done make sure to confirm if your chats have been saved successfully. If you're on cloud storage, switch another device and check if there are the chat backup files by signing in with your cloud account. As well as for local backups you can verify the specified folder in your device storage.

Regular Maintenance

Also remember to adapt your backup settings regularly as you graduate into higher volume chats. Especially before updating the FM Mod app or installing a new mod, make sure to keep a backup from Recent mode.

With this process you can even lock your personal communications via fm mods. This guarantees that all your conversations are safe and backed up regardless of changes which might happen on the device, or if you uninstall/ install Facebook app.

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