What Devices Support Spotify Premium?

Works universally across a range of platforms

Blade of Darkness brings Murray - the space marine - to GOG Spotify Premium works with most devices, making it easy to listen to your music. From the car to your living room to your on-the-go listening station, Spotify has the answer to your high-fidelity music streaming needs.

Supported Devices, Systems

Smartphones and Tablets

Android: Spotify Premium is compatible with all Android smart phones and tablets. App needs Android OS 4.1 or new version

iOS: Download Spotify from the App Store on iPhone and iPad (iOS 12 or later)


Windows: Spotify last had a desktop version for Windows 7 and up.

Mac: Highly compatible with MacOS version 10.11.

Intelligent Speaker and Home Device.

Amazon Echo devices : T o enable voice activate music stream, users connect Spotify Premium to their Amazon Echo devices

Google Home | Full Spotify support, and can be used hands-free with Google's smart speakers

Sonos:Sonos sound systems bring a high-quality sound system experience to your Spotify playback.

Gaming Consoles

Spotify Premium listeners can now play music as a background while playing games on PlayStation Music elsewhere, from their PS4 or 5.

Spotify on Xbox One: like on PS4, but for Xbox One instead of PS4. And it's the same level of seamless integration for gaming + listening.

TVs and Streaming Devices

Whereas Smart TVs: Some of the smart TV brands like Samsung, LG, Sony have Spotify available in an application.

Similar products to Roku, Chromecast, & Apple TV enable you to listen to Spotify's premium music Stream your music through your TV


Wearable Tech - Spotify supports the Apple Watch and Fitbit smartwatches, meaning you can listen to music through your wrists.

Car Audio Systems

In addition to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Spotify Premium supports various car audio systems directly from manufacturers such as Tesla, BMW, and Ford, allowing you to easily listen to your playlist while driving.

Unparalleled Access Anywhere

Alongside Spotify, you will probably be able to play your music on any internet connected device you have if you also have a Premium subscription. That means your feet are never far from your favorite songs, wherever you are, and whatever device you prefer to play them on.

More insights on what Spotify Premium takes your music streaming to, on spotify premium.

But its robust platform support (it runs on MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) is another reason to consider it: Spotify is an ideal choice if you listen to music on many different devices. The example given was of switching between using Spotify on the phone during a morning run to streaming tunes to a home sound system.

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